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We create wills and trusts in Annandale & Springfield, VA

Do you know what will happen to your belongings and assets after you die? The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. can set up a will and trust in Annandale, VA for you. We'll always keep your best interests at heart throughout the process.

A will should be a reflection of your life and wishes. It's important to draft a will in a way that takes care of your loved ones. While a will only goes into effect when you die, a trust is effective immediately. Both are great for estate planning and allocating your property and assets in the best possible way.

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We'll help you plan for the future

An experienced estate planning attorney will advise you on planning for the future. Attorney Toobin will assist you with:
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
You'll feel secure knowing you have plans in place to take care of your family. Call 703-354-7700 today to schedule a consultation with a wills and trusts attorney in Annandale, VA.


Whether or not you have a will, there may be times when your estate has to go through a formal probate process. The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. will ensure your loved one's wishes are carried out. We'll coordinate every step of the process with personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries. Call 703-354-7700 today to get legal advice concerning estate administration in Annandale, VA.