Do You Have to Go to Probate Court?

Understand probate law in Annandale, VA

Probate law is an important component of elder law. It allows a family member or loved one of a deceased person to gather their assets, pay off their debts and transfer assets to the appropriate parties. If you need help navigating probate law in Annandale, Virginia, the Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. can help. An experienced attorney can help you go through the probate process smoothly.

Thinking about planning for your family's future? Drafting or executing a will can seem intimidating and complicated. Luckily, our legal team can help. Whether you need assistance with estate planning or navigating probate court, you'll receive steadfast guidance and support from us.
Consult an experienced attorney from the Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. in Annandale, Virginia today to get sound legal advice.

Come to probate court prepared

While estate planning, many people draft a will or trust. They often name a close relative or trusted friend as the executor of their will. The executor will often have to attend probate court. Have you been named executor of a will or an administrator of an estate? You'll need to supply certain documents, including:

  • The signed, original will, if there is one
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • An estimate of the value of all assets

An attorney from our team will help you gather the necessary documents and prepare to appear in probate court. Find out more about probate and elder law now by calling 703-354-7700.