Prepare for an Emergency

We handle power of attorney documents in Annandale & Springfield, VA

As people get older or if they're severely injured, they might not make sound decisions for themselves. Your family might wonder what your wishes are. The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. establishes powers of attorney in Annandale, VA.

You need someone with the authority to make decisions when you can't. Attorney Toobin will make sure all the proper paperwork is in order so you don't have to worry what will happen. Contact the Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. today to establish power of attorney in Annandale, VA.

Give your family peace of mind

You can't wait until an accident happens to make a plan for the future. You need to prepare for the worst so your wishes can be carried out. Establishing power of attorney enables you to:
  • Choose who will make decisions for you
  • Prevents questions about your intent or wishes
  • Provides peace of mind for your family members
Don't leave questions about what should happen for your care. Establish power of attorney by calling 703-354-7700 today.


Whether or not you have a will, there may be times when your estate has to go through a formal probate process. The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. will ensure your loved one's wishes are carried out. We'll coordinate every step of the process with personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries. Call 703-354-7700 today to get legal advice concerning estate administration in Annandale, VA.