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Estate Planning

Don’t leave the future of your property and belongings up in the air.

Estate Administration

We make sure wills and trusts are handled appropriately.

Special Needs Estate Planning

Ensure your loved one receives the care they need.

Set up wills and trusts in Annandale, VA

It’s never pleasant to think about death, but leaving your loved ones without direction when it comes to your belongings is even more distressing. The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. wants to ensure your wishes are met after you die. Our law firm assists you when it comes to:


We want to set up your estate correctly to ensure your family members get what they’re supposed to. Contact the Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. today to get the legal advice you need for estate planning.


Estate Administration in the Annandale & Springfield, VA area

We’ll help you get a plan in place for your estate

Too often, people have plans for their property before they die but their wishes aren’t carried out because they don’t have a legally binding document in place. The Law Office of Michael D. Toobin, P.C. takes care of the necessary documentation. Getting a legal plan in place for after you’ve died makes certain:
  • Your taxes and debts are paid
  • Your funeral arrangements are taken care of
  • Your estate is distributed according to your wishes

The last thing you want is for your family members to fight and argue about what happens to your property when you’re gone. Provide them with the peace of mind they need by talking to an estate planning lawyer in Annandale and Northern Virginia today.

Real Estate, Probate Law Attorney in Annandale, VA

We have more than 40 years of experience

Michael Toobin has been practicing law since 1974. During that time, he has either been on his own or with small law firms. The experience he’s gained over more than 40 years benefits you when it comes to estate planning and legal knowledge. You want to know your wishes are legally binding and that your family will be taken care of without having to worry about taxes, funeral arrangements or special needs care. Call 703-354-7700 today to set up a consultation with our estate planning attorney.